Green Trick solo flower arrangement

May 6, 2014

What do you need?
– Wire mesh basket
– Moss
– Oasis
– Plastic
– Scissors
– Small knife
– Water
– Green fruits
– Various sprigs of foliage
– And, of course, Green Trick

Step-by-step plan
1) Place the oasis in water allowing it to fully absorb the water.
2) Carefully cover the wire mesh basket with moss so that you cannot see any openings.
3) Lay some plastic on top of the moss on the inside of the basket so that the basket becomes watertight.
4) Place the oasis on the plastic in the basket.
5) Fill the basket with water and cut off any excess plastic.
6) Stick short sprigs of foliage into the oasis and place the fruits in it.
7) Cut off the stems of the Green Trick diagonally and arrange them at different heights between the foliage. Pay attention to the shape of the basket to make sure the proportions are correct.

You will be able to enjoy this flower arrangement for at least 4 weeks.