Mixed Solomio bouquet

May 6, 2014

What do you need?
– Wrapping paper
– Tissue / foil
– Brightly coloured string or ribbon
– Secateurs
– Multi-annual Limonium
– Various sprigs of foliage
– And, of course, different coloured Solomio

Step-by-step plan
1) Remove the leaves from the stems of all the flowers that would otherwise be under water.
2) Place the stems of the Solomio, Limonium and the green foliage diagonally across each other and tie them together to create a nice round bouquet. Please note: ensure that the top of the Solomio flowers are the same height.
3) Tie the bouquet with string or ribbon.
4) Cut the stems straight across with the secateurs.
5) Wrap tissue paper around the bouquet and also tie this with string or ribbon.
6) This bouquet will also give you a few weeks of pleasure!

NB: the cute little stool can be bought at Fair Kids