January 17, 2016

Green Magma
Green Magma is the latest addition to the high quality varieties in the ‘green segment’ of the Sparkz® collection. Green Magma’s flower is similar to that of Green Wicky but its flower head is also tinged with a delicate red blush which appears at lower temperatures. This distinguishes Green Magma from Green Wicky.

Green Trick
Green Trick is a variety with striking added value. Just look at the different shape. Green Trick has already proven to stand out from the crowd. It is a very popular flower, amongst traders as well as florists and it characterizes the Sparkz assortment.

Green Wicky
Green Wicky is an great addition to the high quality ‘green segment’. Green Wicky has a large flower head and  heavy stem. The intense green colour gives the flower a fresh spring appearance.